Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The rooms are clear (not clean, just clear... in readiness for the hosing down decent vacuuming they're going to get shortly).

The orange cake is in the oven. Made with oranges from our very own tree, IF you don't mind (soooo juicy, just miniature sized!). Two more oranges to use up, plus some lemons from our machine of a lemon tree, so next cake will be more a zesty citrus affair. I'll get that out in another hour or so.

Just finished a 30-minute internet workout (with the LGBB helping by gallantly passing me the hand weights each time it called for it).

Am soon going to embark on vegie-chopping for tonight's stir-fry pie - a delectable selection of sautéed veges (leeks, mushrooms, celery, zucchini) bunged in a pie dish lined with pastry, a few eggs cracked over the top, slash the yolks then crumble 200g-ish of goats' feta over the top before putting on your top layer of pastry.

And.... AND!!!  The cyclamen is still alive. And newly flowering, to boot. WHA'?! NNGhhghsfffl? How is that possible?

We're cookin' with Crisco here!

Meantime, about to play a game of hot-and-cold (the LGBB's latest fave), just because I haven't pressed the flesh enough with her today and she's been patiently waiting ever since getting home from kindy.

Yup. Gettin' back in the groove *squishing butt into the couch of life for the perfect comfortable fit, just like Homer Simpson*

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