Friday, August 6, 2010

And the winner is...

She holds the envelope in her hand.

Pauses a moment before gliding a thumb under the flap and ripping it open.

It is as she expected.

Acceptance. The place of choice.

But what is this? This is not relief she feels, not elation.

No, this is angst.

Suddenly, it's like a game show. She's on The Price Is Right. The crowd is shouting at her, telling her what to do, but they're all yelling something different so she can't make out what they're saying.

Does she go for choice number 2? Should she choose number 4, perhaps?

Everything she knew goes out the window. All that researching, all that time spent weighing up the pro's, the con's.

Now that she has the acceptance in her hand - her number 1, numero uno, top dollar, head honcho choice - she is suddenly not sure she should take the offer.

For this is not just her game! It's not even her life!

But the decision she makes here is final.

The crowd keeps hollering. She bites her lip. She got what she wanted but now.... Now, the allure of those words on the acceptance form in her hand are taunting her.

If she chooses to accept, there will be no more places offered. If she declines and states a new preference, she has to bank on that one being up for grabs.

And then she will have lost her originally offered first placement preference too.

Top dollah!

She doesn't gamble. But it is ever so tempting.

Was there something she missed?

Is this the universe's way of telling her to make a bolt for the other preference? The one that almost stole her heart, if not for this very late-comer onto the scene?

With a deep breath, she ticks the Accept Offer box. She cuts the form along the dotted line, marked with the little pair of scissors, and places the slip in an envelope.

Seals it.

The crowd is a mixture of cheering, clapping, and some disappointed "Ohhhhhh"s.

She drowns them out as she addresses the envelope.

"Kindergarten Enrolments Co-Ordinator..."

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