Friday, August 13, 2010

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Okay, so it may not be important to some of you, but to me (and, I'm sure, many others) this is of critical importance.

I speak of those fellow human beans who HAVE TO HAVE the expensive car but CAN'T DRIVE THE FECKING THING.

I implore you to get the word out there:  If you are going to buy your Beemer or Merc or Audi, please ensure you are going to then be willing and able to keep to the speed limit. For let's face it, if you're over 70* and your eyesight is failing and the distance of that dashboard past the top of your head is much higher than it used to be and you're struggling to look past your bonnet (of your car, that is, not the optional one on your HEAD), then it might be that the 'able' part of keeping to the speed limit is beyond you.

When these expensive and/or high performance vehicles leave the dealership, you would think there was a duty of care (other than the care factor of their commission off the sale) by the salespeople that obliges them to think of us. The other road users.

I am sick to tears of negotiating my way to the front of dual-lane carriageways full of slow cars, only to find that the culprits have been a white Honda and a gold Mercedes keeping speed with each other and "driving carefully to avoid any bumps or scrapes."

I cannot tell you the number of times I have felt like I am doing warp speed on a highway with a designated speed limit of 80km/h, only to glance down and see I am doing *GASP* 75km/h!

Look, I am all for safe driving. My father is an international expert in the field, heavens above. But I draw the line at people who seem too timid or otherwise unable to get behind the wheel and drive properly. They are just as dangerous as the hoon!

The problem with safe drivers who drive 20-under the speed limit is.... THEY MAKE THE REST OF US DRIVE CRAZY!

* To be fair, of course it's not always and only elderly people. Many older drivers are the safest on the road and I'd prefer to drive alongside them any day to some other distracted drivers who perhaps haven't been around long enough to negotiate their car through every sort of road condition. BUT it remains that most drivers of these higher end vehicles are in the middle-older age bracket.

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