Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm curious

It's been a while since I confessed something of such mammoth proportions as this, but here goes...

The LGBB has recently fallen back in love with Curious George. The movie. When she requests it, I put it on for her. As I am walking away, I can't help singing along to the opening tune. It's catchy, dont'cha think?

Okay, now, about 38 seconds in (if you watch the video), you can see that the words are, "If you ask yourself, what is this? Like curious... like curious... Curious George." Right? Right. Easy enough WHEN YOU HAVE THE WORDS THERE IN FRONT OF YOU on the screen.

I ask you to ask yourself, though, when you're walking away from the telly, absent-mindedly humming that theme tune, whether it's possible to just find yourself - like, oh, I don't know, just someone we know (maybe me, maybe not) - singing instead, "Bi-curious, like curious... Curious George."

And you will then ask yourself, "Can monkeys be bi-curious?"

I catch myself singing it every damn time. And it makes me look at poor, sweet li'l George the monkey in a rather different, not so innocent light. And that man in the yellow hat too, come to think of it. Because I swear, that is what I hear him sing [in my defense, I would argue that it's annoyingly clearer to hear that he is saying "like curious" on this YouTube vid, so it doesn't really support my claims of the mondegreen and rather just makes me look like a deranged person].

Anyone with me? Anyone? At all?? You, up the back there? NO???!!!  *sweats* I honestly don't know where my mind goes. But sometimes it keeps me, and all the people in my head, amused.

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