Infertility & Loss: Highlighted Posts

Let's face it: I love to write. To save you a bit of the tedium of trawling through posts about dogs, cars, cats, daughters, husbands... I thought I'd categorize them for you.
So here they are. Six years' worth (and counting) of some of my deepest blog post musings. The ones I published while I was working it all out. When I felt very, very alone (except for on my blog, that is). They are almost all pre-2007 so DISCLAIMER: If you are going to comment on any of these old posts (and you are most welcome to), please remember that the views expressed in them may not necessarily still apply to the blogger you are familiar with today. Just sayin'... so's we're clear. Okay. 
This is a page that will be updated over time - please check back again sometime soon!
Feel free to sink your teeth (or not) into the following posts, by Category. I've only added the ones close to my heart/pertinent to the Category listed, to try and make it a bit easier. This is a big blog with many posts and we've got a lot of history, my blog and I.... we go waaaay back. Back to when I was broken and pained and a bit darker. And yet, funnier. Go figure. 
You may find others that are better or speak more to you under my Labels (such as Bereavement, Ella...) on the Home page. Feel free to browse around all and any. And as always, please email me, comment or drop me a line via Twitter or Facebook if you feel moved to do so. I love to hear from you and how you are going on your journey.

Perhaps the most important ones:
Little Ella: The Story of an Earth Angel  (grab the tissues and settle in! This is a short story, beautifully told with a very important message - written the week Ellanor passed away, by Susannah Brindle)
I Forgot  January 15, 2009
A word about miscarriage  August 1, 2009
My dear, dear Boo  January 2, 2010

Infertility Struggles - The tales and tribulations of living in a fertile world
People only do their best October 29, 2005
Pucker up, Buttercup January 12, 2006
Diary of an IVF whore diary entries covering Feb '05 through June '06 (***living child mentioned***) July 3, 2006
A stoning August 13, 2008
A word about miscarriage August 1, 2009
The Business of IVF September, 2010
Embracing Infertility: Boys are strong, like King Kong April 28, 2011 (***living child mentioned***)
Not by choice  May 20, 2011  (***living child mentioned***)

The Early Days - Stuff that worked for me: Links to articles I have found (or written) that may help you or a loved one (many of these are reposts from, my other website)
The TAKE CARE Principle
A bereaved parent's wish list
Understanding pregnancy loss - things you can do to help a bereaved couple
Spare A Thought: Community service announcement - September 24, 2005

Christmas and other festivities
Good night my angel  December 26, 2010

Neonatal Loss - Working the turkey through (as Homer would say)
A memory like a smack in the kisser July 3, 2006
Getting there: It's time July 18, 2007
The "get on with it" method and why it doesn't work (***living child mentioned***) May 21, 2007
Weeping world November 11, 2008 (includes extract from my unpublished memoir)
The first rose March 13, 2009
Questions about questioning loss  January 22, 2010
Dear Plato February 11, 2011  (***living child mentioned***)
You Are There July 9, 2011
Remembered into being  December 30, 2011

Coping With Being Pregnant Again After Neonatal Loss
(these posts may contain mention of subsequent living child/ren and pregnancy)
Hi. I'm Kirrily. And I'm a serial POASer  November 18, 2005
Doctor's orders  November 24, 2005
The harder they fall  December 31, 2005
These dreams go on when I close my eyes  June 13, 2006
Feeling close to Ellanor  November 18, 2009

Parenting After Loss (these posts may contain mention of subsequent living child/ren)
It's coming and it's already nauseating  January 7, 2009
Here I go again on my own  March 27, 2009
How to word it January 9, 2010
As it was and as it always should be May 5, 2010
The big questions and how I answered them today June 2, 2010
"I miss Ella" December 20, 2010
Not by choice May 20, 2011
To all you intuitive mothers out there (or mothers in the making/waiting) June 22, 2011
School's in: If there ever comes a day... February 3, 2012

Letters To Ellanor & anniversary posts
(these posts may contain mention of subsequent living child/ren)
Ellanor - 2nd birthday post  January 13, 2006
Nowhere else to put it  January 12, 2008
Images of today  January 13, 2008
Eve  February 11, 2008
Because I can  January 12, 2009
Here goes...  January 13, 2009
Sickly sweet, nudie runs and butterflies  January 13, 2009
Five years  February 12, 2009
My dear, dear Boo   January 2, 2010
Dear Ella  October 15, 2010
The way we were  January 11, 2010
Taking a moment  January 20, 2010
Seven, Ellanor. Seven!  January 12, 2011
8 years on and finally: I'm OK today  February 12, 2012


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