Friday, September 26, 2008

Getting responsible

Okay, so I have made so many posts since my original blog's inception in 2005, about getting serious, about sharing what I discover, about opening up the realms I'm discovering and sharing that learning here with whomever wants to travel with me.

I have been so slack. No. More's the point, I have been too afraid. Even after saying I wasn't last time. And the time before.... and the one before that. It's just that I'm finding so much assistance and support in areas of my life where I previously used to really founder (or is it flounder??), I'm now starting to recognise energies at play and clashing. But I still feel like such a novice, not to mention a hypocrite, because I am working on myself and beating myself up so hard - something I have always been wont to do. And I guess that is also what has been holding me back from sharing too much, kind of like I have no right to share something out if I haven't fully mastered it myself. I've come to realise that you don't have to have ALL the answers or be an absolute perfectionist at something to share your knowledge.... and in fact, quite the contrary: to not share what you know is actually very spiritually irresponsible.

So now, for what it's worth, I'm just going to roll my sleeves up and create these posts more often and get started. Please dip in and out of them as you need/wish. I also invite questions, challenges, opinions... respectful ones of course *hey it's my blog, I can make the rules* I want to pay particular attention to the Animal Wisdom I've been coming across, some of it is just so amazing and lovely that I am certain it would bring comfort to people at various times. It's really confirming (to me) to have something answered on the back of an animal messenger. Truly wondrous, and really brings me back to the "we're all connected" thing. I will start putting up Animal Wisdom mandalas too and make their own special link on the side *over there at the right* so please avail yourself of those posts as you see fit. I'd love to have your feedback and hear any stories or encounters :) And, of course, if you have an animal that is coming to you (in whichever way it is presenting itself - sometimes that might be dream states, other times it could be in meditation, or even persistently sitting at the main window of your house or crossing your path, etc., you catch my drift), that I have not touched on, please mention it to me and I will scour my resources and see if I have anything I can share to enlighten you.

The way these mandalas work is different for each individual. Some will gain much from looking at the image, others might find resonance with the stone essence - you may even have the stone and like to carry it around with you, this will give a deeper meaning to that stone perhaps, if you do - and yet others will glean something/what they are meant to from the words of the paper. I tend to find that, for me, it's become a little from Column A and a little from Column B... I sometimes find great support and assistance in merely reading a mandala's words, but at other times I have to ask for the stone essence too (a pretty simple procedure in itself, it's as simple as going "upstairs" and asking your particular Guidance/Source for that to be put into your pattern - working on the basis that every person, plant, animal, living thing has an energy, as has been scientifically proven, and within that energy is a framework... a pattern, if you will... that is unique to that individual). And it has to be said, the words and wording can sometimes be a real mouthful. But please, if you are willing, just trust it and take it in. They can be huge lumps to decipher, and you don't actually have to consciously "get it" to take it in. Reading it can sometimes be enough to create the shift or support you are requiring. I tend to merely let them do their job, even if the wording sometimes goes sailing way over my head :)

I thought I would start with the most pertinent mandala that came up for me during Yellow Ray, which was months ago now. I discovered this paper and corresponding mandala and everything in it, to me, screamed "stick this on your blog!" And I shamefully never have before now. Perhaps that timing was simply so that I could gather my senses and feel more comfortable with the ensuing feedback that may or may not follow, if I am to stick to my laurels and continue to share this realm of my life of learning with the "whoever" out there.

I find this following mandala a good all-round, universal and responsible protective 'container'. It says to me that all boundaries shall be kept and looked after (on this blog and wherever it is needed in a person's life, if they so choose to take it with them as a totem), no matter a person's denomination or demeanour, and so I include it here for all to benefit from, should the need arise.

One's Own Owl of Onus

The Colour of ..... Spectrum Yellow
The sound chord of .... G minor 6
The stone essence of.... White Quartz.... The stone of the sage, WHITE QUARTZ addresses all hardened thought-forms, and dogmatic and restrictive unacceptance to other belief systems. It softens the fears which assume theirs is "the only way". WHITE QUARTZ brings the freshness of no-judgemental observation with the clarity of innocence and freedom from preconceptions. WHITE QUARTZ takes one from the cynical attitudes and old patterns of survival, where strictness or closed mindedness once stifled one's spiritual openness to life, and creates a comfortable care, assisting one to be clear in one's seeing. Both for where the physical requires maturity and growth and for children and the child within, WHITE QUARTZ allows one to experience one's inner light where the Spirit needs to be forever young. It aids the intestines, the skeletal system, the solar plexus and all cellular and corpuscle irregularity.

This is the perception of the onus of individual trust of the Self and of how to protect and define one's individual energy structure. This guiding star leads to one's original purpose in life and assists one to power source one's soulful intent of divinity into the physical walk.
Here one stands strong and still in the expression of one's truth and territory of peaceful placement. This Mandala disperses fault lines of other opinions which have frailed one from speaking whilst one was young in youth of timely action to proceed.
This is not fault-finding judgement, but a necessary harbour of waiting whilst the winds of wisdom turn in the direction for better sailing to one's appointed destination.

The sage of individual wisdom personified is directed by searching for conscious landmarks to know when to be responsible for imparting one's truth, and also how to impart one's truth. The Owl Star of Sky is one's highest guidance and adviser from which one should seek counsel and be navigated by when the journey requires one's responsibility to individual Earth service to pioneer and landmark another's journey with one's spoken or insightful truth.
This Mandala ensures a safer journey for all when travelling the world of wisdom, for one's journey should always ease the way for those following.

Shining above the pyramid (the barn for the birth of intuitive sight), the Owl Star is the Father of Travel in Time who watches over and guides the sole/soul seeker in their spiritual souljourn.
This star also elects who is best directed toward one's individual wisdom personified in land-marked expression, so that they may journey more safely and with more ease. This is the 'milky way' of individual honesty of truth.

When one is overshadowed or unduly influenced by another's unsuitable or intrusive input of energy, the six-pointed star Mandala will assist dispersion of this influence. If one is unsure if one's individual truth is unduly influencing another, the six-pointed star will determine the correct boundaries from which to interrelate with another.

This Mandala aligns the perceptional state to a quality of equality, attuning the child and the adult with equality within, and those with whom one is in relation within the world of the conscious, and with those whom one meets in the travel of time beyond the conscious to the Cosmos. Innocence is the gift of equality.......................

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