Sunday, September 21, 2008

Am I FUNNY to you?

Once was enough. Once put us in recycled rubbish up to *here* and I'm still trying to cyphon it into the bin in little trickles so we don't run out of room and have an overflowing bin by the next fortnight. I've got an overflow bin for the (massive) bin that barely lasts us a fortnight. And yet, we can't seem to ever fill the titchy little household rubbish bin - which is good, it shows we're diligent.

But you forgot the damn thing AGAIN! I am now going to be a month behind and it will take even longer to get rid of the built-up recyclables.

Very symbolic of my life right now, really. Kirrily, you're a month behind on clearing out your karmic rubbish, get on with it will ya? I've just headed into my first cycle since the D&C and quite frankly, I can't believe it's only been a month. It feels like six months ago. We've been sick since then, because the LGBB caught the hand, foot and mouth a week later. I haven't even turned a thought towards processing all of that. It's day by day stuff here still and it's wearing me down to a grinding halt.

So. This is grounds for a trial separation. Mark my words.

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