Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Swatch you lookin' at?

I am going to throw myself into decorating the LGBB's room. It is about to become about 1/4 size bigger than it is now, once Steve has finished taking out the ensuite. I know, even a two year old could find it handy but really, it's not to our taste and we don't need a bathroom *right there* It's so in the way.

I'm thinking of keeping the same magenta-coloured wall that she has now, although that existing one will be knocked down, so I'll paint one wall in this colour again. I think a fresh coat of lime might look nice on the other walls. Kinda like some big candy apple!

And I am thinking of these three fabrics for re-covering her canvasses (at the moment they're Suzy's Zoo characters and she loves them.... perhaps I am doing this too soon):

I think they're gorgeous - bird-theme came from nowhere, I really just liked the funky fat birds (am a sucker for chubby charicatures of animals) - but don't know how well they'll suit.

Ah, stuff it. I feel like living dangerously. I'm going to get them. Such a cheap decorating idea, you really can't go wrong.

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