Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Never ceasing to intrigue me

Yesterday morning, I was putting the LGBB's shoes on to go for a walk up the street to our new fave place to go - "'Cino lady's" café - when out of nowhere, the LGBB says, "Doctor." I didn't add to it, as it was just a singular, out-there-on-its-own word. She's been saying it for months, so it wasn't a practice. I was left for a nanosecond wondering when she'd last seen a doctor. About three weeks, I calculated. Then she says:

"My help sick people." (to the LGBB, "my" is "I" - as in, "I want a drink" = "My want a drink")

So I said to her, "Do you, Lolly?" She nodded. And that was that. I was just left very interested in her imagination and thoughts that day.

When I got her up from her nap later in the afternoon, she was baffled, a bit confused, as I opened her curtains and started getting her up out of bed.

"Hey!" she exclaimed. "Where are all the people???? Where people go?"
"Well, I don't know," I answered," where were they?"

And she pointed to a corner of her room.

Okay, now I'm interested. You have my attention, Lol, just where are you going when you're asleep?

She does this sort of thing all the time, ever since she started communicating with us. Don't get me wrong, it's probably only one thing every other week - it's not constant and it's not often enough to be very noticeable, it's very subtle but getting stronger and more obvious as she gets older and can actually verbalise things. Like, she says names of people she doesn't know (which was more noticeable when she was 18 months old and barely saying other words but would clearly say someone's name when I got her up from a sleep), I've seen her waving and animated to.... well, nothing.... I've seen her check her own aura^ and just other little but very intriguing things that aren't what I would have expected to see or hear from such a young'un. Although, then again, I'm certain children all around the world do this sort of thing and it just gets explained away, goes unnoticed and/or gets zombied out of them.

We put them back to sleep. Us. The reasonable, sensible, "give me evidence" adults.

I mean, hey... who's to say there wasn't a crowd of people waiting for some help in her room? It doesn't scare me if it doesn't scare her. I wonder what will happen to this Earth if more kids are enabled* to explore what the can do in this area instead of shut down. What if they are being born to turn around what's happening, what generations and generations of us have been doing? I have noticed a "waking up" of parents over the past few years - more people, for example, are open to allowing these amazing things their young children are doing to flourish. They are willing to nurture that, not so willing to have their spirits smooshed into the societal mould, etc.

For instance, I told Steve about the exchange yesterday and asked him what he thought. He simply said, "She's got a great imagination."

Yes. That is one way to look at it, undeniably. But if you consider all the things that have happened with her over her life so far - adding to this the number of people, unprompted, who continually say how tuned in she is (to the Earth) - I have to be responsible, by injecting a healthy dose of commonsense and denial and scepticism into the balance I try to strike for her. A balance between a typical, testing-boundaries, Hi-5 loving, normal childhood (allowing that space for her to be a child - away from knowing about adult responsibilities too soon, away from abuse, away from anything that would cause her to grow up too fast) and also creating a safe space for her to practice and test her other abilities, if indeed she has any - and I am being far too flippant when I say "if" because I know she does. I'm interested to see which way she goes with it. It's all her choice.

But I am going to be sure of one thing: if she goes back to "sleep" and doesn't end up being an intuitive healer of the Earth of some sort, it won't be through my discouragement.

^ she was nine months old when she did that - traced with her eyes an 'invisible', to me, circle from her feet, right round her body, over her head, down the other side of her body and to her feet again. Out of context, doesn't mean much, right? In context, she had just been asked if there was anything else that needed clearing in her pattern and I wouldn't have believed it myself if I hadn't seen her do it with my own eyes, completely unprompted at all. At nine months old, there's not much verbal understanding going on - I realised at that point that I had to pull my own socks up, with regard to how I regarded her (ie. as not "just a nine month-old baby who doesn't know anything yet").

* Not encouraged, so much, because a large part of me is still sceptic that it's not just because kids are heavily suggested to and that's why people see their children do this sort of thing so I am keeping very close tabs on how I expose the LGBB to what happens to me in this area - as in, she doesn't know - so I am buoyed by the fact that, at 2, she either has a phenomenal imagination already or she really is seeing this stuff.

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