Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just have to remind myself

Ralph Fiennes. I know I love him. But in recent years, I am struggling to remember why it is that I find Ralphie-boy so attractive. Mainly because he keeps doing this to his hair. I saw him last night in In Bruges and he played such an unlikeable character who couldn't be warmed to that I felt like we'd had a falling out, me and Ralph.

So I googled him. And I remembered the movie where I was appalled at myself for becoming rather *cough*aroused*cough* during The Red Dragon, mostly due to that scene where he goes crazy in his home and sets it on fire and runs up those stairs.... without any clothes on.... I shamefully watched the movie again just to reconfirm that I had been very interested in the way he ran. Without any clothes on. Oh yeah, there was that thing about how he tried to burn his house down with his blind 'girlfriend' in it. But still. Nice bottom.

A girlfriend once sent me a dvd-loaner of a movie she bought herself. It was The End of the Affair. Inside the cover was a special handwritten note (no, not from Ralph, it was from my girlfriend) for me to pause at a particular point and take a moment to smile and sigh. It was during a scene where he and Julianne Moore are so hot and heavy that his pants suddenly... fall off.*

He's not shy of getting his kit off and showing his bottom, is he? I guess that can add to his appeal somewhat.

But I say again... not when he keeps doing this to his hair.

Ok. Just as a reminder as to why he's in my Top 5. Let's cement it in our memory, shall we:

Ahhh. That's better. I can continue on with my day now.

* GRAPHIC CONTENT - DON'T BLAME ME IF YOUR KIDS ARE IN THE ROOM: And ohmygod I can't believe someone's swaptubed it. They didn't even know how to do it like that in the '40s, did they???

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