Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oil of Vetiver

Russet Ray healing came and went two weeks ago. I was sitting up in bed, sick as a dog, the LGBB having finally exhausted herself in her own bed, at the height of our Hand, Foot & Mouth (oh... did I tell you? The sores have come back on my tongue, it's like I'm going another round, just to be SURE I've got enough to cope with this week). I read the manual in fits and starts. It put me to sleep. Strangely, it is to do with psychological mastery, "the Ray of Rejuvenescence for the Soul of Matter."

I couldn't have known even then, on the day I started reading it, that a week later I would be contemplating my place in my family once again and really having a once-and-for-all look at how I had been shaped by my upbringing.

So it was with this in mind - and the fact that I never did read the last 5 or 6 pages (the animal wisdom section) of the manual - that I sat on the couch yesterday morning near the playing LGBB, to find the opened manual tucked under one of the cushions. It was there where I'd left it, planning to come back to it at some stage but as yet not finding the proper time to give it thought.

I began to flick through, looking at which animals pertain to Russet Ray. Dog, Ox, Rabbit, Giraffe... then I came to the oil page. Each ray also has a related essential oil or two. I don't very much read that bit, unless I am actually doing the class (and then we read through it, but sometimes not as well - it's very much a "read it in your own time" section, this last section of each manual). I really felt like I wanted to read it, though. I was happy sitting in the filtered sun, on the couch, watching Lolly. And I thought, why not. So I did.

It was so relevant that I can't deny it. This is the reason I love this work so much. There is much support to be had via such basic, ancient tools. Gots to gets me some Vetiver.

Oil of Vetiver is a treasure amongst oils. It works to the root of the problem. It burrows down through the layers and then through more layers to reveal the way of Truth in making decisions, to heal old hurts from times past. It will always burn through these layers to reveal new ways for the being to be confronted. Vetiver can then be seen as the revealer, the presenter of painful lessons to be learned. However, Vetiver should be seen in its positive aspect only as it moves away the old darkness for the Light to come in and begin healing with its nurture and love.

If appropriate, Oil of Vetiver will assist one to access cellular memory. Many beings shy away from looking at the pain they carry within and, instead, use a purely intellectual process to try to work through their issues. By doing this, the ego-mind actually sabotages the being - the physical pain stored in teh subtle bodies may be released but, until cellular memory is activated through the release of emotional and physical energy, a healing will be incomplete.

Oil of Vetiver sings to the being, sends love to the being and will comfort the being that has decided to walk through the door to the future and discard the pain of the past. Oil of Vetiver's special attribute is to penetrate pain at a very deep level. Many beings will be prepared to wrok at a surface level in their energetic clearings but will feel uncertain to delve into old emotoinal energy. But this dear Oil holds the hand of a being in a healing partnership and says,
"We can do this. I will help you to feel safe and secure. Lean on me until you can walk through this pain with strength and courage. Look at the stars! Anything is possible when you perceive the beauty of the night sky, for when you come out the other end of this time, you will claim the Universe as your own. My dear one, have the courage to look within and spring-clean the limitations your fear puts on you. Then you will spread your wings and fly."

Oil of Vetiver mixed with Oils of Tangerine and Orange will assist one to release old pain to do with torture.
Oil of Vetiver mixed with Oil of Sandalwood is excellent to burn after a clearing has begun and the being is feeling 'stuck' and very emotional.
Oil of Vetiver mixed with Oils of Sandalwood and Lemon Grass and then vaporised after a healing, will quickly dissipate any residual energy in the auric field.
Oil of Vetiver has a great affinity with Orange, Yellow and Red and will combine with other oils to do with Earth Healing.

With regards to place, this dear Oil is very valuable. like the body, the landscape holds old negativity to its heart and finds it difficult to expel the darkness. Vetiver is an important Oil for Earth Healers as it jolts the negative energy cycle.

- from Lee Baxter, "Healing Botanicals: Plant energies to heal person and place"

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