Thursday, August 12, 2010


Apropos of nothing, Jazzlene! just popped her head up at the window at me while I was working. And I thought, "That's another bit of totally useless and irrelevant trivia I've never shared in the blogosphere!" I'm full of them. Useless bits of boring, uninteresting, mundane trivia. But here we go:

During ANTM's cycle 8 (2007),  Steve and I discovered a model who seemed to be our dog's human equivalent. If not only because her name was Jaslene. It was all in the way she said it. And our dog, let's face it, was ripe for the picking (on). She needed a new name. "Miss Mena", while endearing, was simply not as equally annoying as the pooch herself.

Here is Jazz, doing her best and most favourite "LOOK AT MOY!" stunt. I guess, in ANTM terms, she pops for the camera. Although, being a dog, I can tell you that most of her popping is done at her rear end (sorry, I had to... I live with a four year-old and she'd be so ashamed of me if I missed that opportunity). I particularly like the way she manages to combine comical with utter woe. Look at those heavy-laden eyes. So sad! She pulls this face a lot, at any window she can see us through - this was the first time I captured it on camera, back in 2006 - and uses it to get the laughs. She seems to think the attention will translate into being let inside. It hasn't worked for her so far. But she'll be sure to keep you posted.

So Jazz became....... JazzLENE! The way Jaslene herself would announce her name on the show. We spent the rest of the season (yes... we watched the entire train wreck) amusing ourselves about Jazzlene every time she came on.

And then, of course, there was Homer. And the Lurleen Lumpkin episode of The Simpsons.

We couldn't forget Pepper in all this. And her nickname was already Renie.... long story. So Renie became Lurlenie, an affectionate nickname of her new proper (made-up) name. Lurleen. These days, she's most often called Peppy-Lurl. Really, we could "call" her anything. The poor old darling is so deaf *sob*

There you have it. That's it. Today's Tale In The Utter Nonsensical. Now, back to work, you lot.

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