Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Taking a stroll down memory lane

It's been good for me, trawling back through my old blog and tracking my pregnancy with the LGBB.

I am really at the business end of the book now. My gosh. Where last week, I was quite certain I would never put the words 'The End' on this thing, here I am staring the inevitable ending in the face. I can't believe it!

As I have been going along, chuckling at many an entry and reminiscing the funny stuff, I found this little exchange between Steve and me which I blogged about near the end of my pregnancy. It should be noted that by this stage (if you were around and reading then and recall), I had been permanently beached for a good few months - early threatened labour at 24 weeks, the symphisis pubis dysplasia thing with my pelvis/hips, the dizzy spells, yada-yada-yada... all added up to a prescription of couch-dwelling. And this is the result:

Monday, April 24, 2006

K: I want a cheese slice

S: *trudges off and returns triumphantly with one for each of us*

S: *hands cheese slice over between index and middle finger with an air of 'breadwinner doling out money to the trophy wife'* Git yourself something nice.

K: Ta... D'you think in the history of time, they ever paid for goods or services with cheese?

S: Yeah, and what if they didn't have change? "I'm sorry, do you have anything smaller?" *nibbles his cheese slice down to smaller denomination to pay for invisible item*

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