Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Ooops, forgot to say... there has been action at the private blog this week. If you have a log-in, check out the new post! But only when you want to waste some more time. It's seriously not important.

In other news:

• I am two episodes in to the second season of my very first ever viewing of Twin Peaks. And OH how I am loving it. Thanks in no small part to my dear sister in-law (the sister from another mister).
• After four years and 10 months of blogging and being followed, I am about to crack the tonne. Unless someone un-follows/de-follows/sans-follow-anymores me in the next little while. And not that the number of followers equals the number of true readers I have, or is a reflection of anything really, other than "this many people clicked on a button this one time"... but it feels like a bit of a mini woo-hoo! might be in order when the time comes. Until I go visit a blog that has, like, 342 followers.

Annnnywho. Twin Peaks calls. The owls are not what they seem. Didn't you know? (You probably did, given that I am twenty years too late for the initial sweeping of the craze that I swore, as a teenager, I was not going to get caught up in..... oh my God, I feel so old)

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