Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mother's ruin

Not as you would expect. Not in this house.  Mmm-mmm.

Not a clear liquid stashed in a bottle at the back of the linen cupboard (how inconvenient and at the incorrect temperature as well, just by the way).

No, in this house, it's something far more geeky and anti-social.

This obsession of mine is costing me valuable points, for instance, at my brother's house - where I was to be found perched *hee hee* on the couch, phone in hand, trying to get past this one blasted level that I had been stuck on since the day before. All at the expense of any coherent conversation from me. The most my bro and his lovely wife got from me last weekend when we were over for lunch and an impromptu computer install (that was where Steve came in handy) and concert (that was where the LGBB came to the fore) were improperly interjected laughs and grunts (they were from me).

As if I was keeping up with all their nattering when I had little green helmet-headed pigs to destroy! Ha-har!

I speak, of course, of.......  Angry Birds. An iPhone app/game that I just. Cannot. Get. Enough of. Right now. And I am here to say, I am going to make it through all of these locked levels if it renders me insane.

They say acknowledging the addiction is the first step. Right?

What about you? Do you have any phone app's you're ashamedly fixated on?

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