Sunday, August 1, 2010

A direct quote from Yours Truly

Having traipsed back over my old stomping ground (an online pregnancy/IVF support network) and reading my posts from there as if it was just yesterday, I see I clearly had an obsession with sperm - at the time, dare I say it... as nudge-nudge-wink-wink as it sounds.... all I could think, eat and breathe were the little fella's (ok, pipe down, enough with the gags I can hear you all forming in your dirty little minds already). Now, I am thinking I need to write a book on the comical side to the strive for optimal sperm health.

And I quote *a-herm-herm*

Who knew that sperm that's not regularly "turned over" may actually not have enough energy to get to the egg? And then if they do make it, they're too tired to fertilise it? Awww! How typical..... can you just imagine it: they've spent all their energy driving around cos they don't want to use a map. And then they make it and all they can do is put a bent arm up on the side of the egg, with the other hand on their hip..... heaving and gasping for breath because they're so out of puff they can't even knock on the door.


And just one other little bit o' trivia for you - I posted this on what was to become Lolly's birthday, exactly one year before she was born. Wow-ee, if only I'd know, hey?

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