Friday, August 1, 2008


Oh WHY am I having period pain again??

Urgh. And double URGH.

Each night, I am having mini panic attacks as I drift off to sleep, imagining I am just about to feel the "BANG" beginning to a miscarriage. Why is my brain going this way? Why can't I train it not to think bad thoughts?

I keep thinking, I don't feel sick enough. Or I don't feel sick for long enough. Or I'm plain tired, it's not really pregnancy exhaustion. I can't suck my belly in now if I tried. So I am forced to go looking for some not-so-maternity-looking maternity wear, am about to go now (hey, I was pushing maximum density in the clothes I already owned, orright? I am not going to make it another fortnight with my clothes pushed already to their limits - all things that were fairly loose, and should have been baggy to begin with, are now positively fitted if not tight).

How many more sleeps to scan day?? A BAJILLION. Ugh. I'm about to say that thing I loathe.... "It's not faaaaair." Now I sound like a whiny whinger.

Why must my mind fuck with my physiological symptoms, people? Riddle me that.

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