Friday, August 15, 2008

Yo Manic Manic

Why is it that every parent I've so far spoken to about this show are unnerved by the fact that Little Jnr is watching it, mesmerised? Shit, even the website gives you a startle.

Is it the way young children seem to go into a trance watching it?
Is it because of the repetitive rather nonsensical, trippy songs and "dumbed down" *cough* educational content?
Is it because, as Steve reckons, that D.J. Lance Rock in the scary orange wig-hat is hatching the first stage of his world domination plan and in twenty years, when all these kiddies are in their early adult years, when he flicks a switch there'll be an uprising using the brainwashed Yo Gabba Gabba legion of toddler fans?

All I know is, there is something about the whole thing that even makes me kind of come over glassy-eyed, with its white backdrop sets and bright colours and spinning monsters repeating the same 3 or 4 words over and over. And if I have to steel myself to look away.... well.

Be scared. Be very, very scared.

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