Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Plan pt. 1

Ok, so we have some ideas drawn up. Bit hard to see through my scribble, but ... what do you think?

Some time back, a few of you (correctly) suggested that there needed to be a toilet, at least, in between the two bedrooms. At the time, we were tossing up whether to put the bathroom where our laundry is currently. But as that area is adjacent to the kitchen, and then the bedrooms and existing kitchenette/play room follow after that, it was deemed too far for the furthest bedroom (which is the LGBB's room) for those inevitable night time toily-stops.

So now we have decided to leave the toilet in the laundry, convert all this into an attractive combined laundry-visitor's/third toilet and extend out from the play room to create a study and large family/rumpus room, with a bathroom and second toilet tucked in between the two bedrooms. Currently, the LGBB has a little ensuite in her room which we are going to remove and create a walk-in robe out of. What girl wouldn't love that?! And it means we save a little on walls because we only have to remove the shower and gut the rest, replacing it with a simple shelves and rail system.

Oh, thought I should mention, the other thing is that we wanted a plan that we could do in parts - as in, we are not really needing a second bathroom just yet and could do without it for at least a year yet. The LGBB just uses our bathroom at the moment. The area where the new bathroom will go is still large enough for her toys for now. So we have designed it in such a way that we can work around the narrower shape of the existing structure and all we will have to create is a slightly different wall shape for the middle bedroom until we're ready to extend. Then, the current door from the hallway to the LGBB's "end" of the house will just become the door for that other bedroom......

Oh dear. This sounds so confusing.

Clear as mud?? Sorry! I have two plans so far. I prefer the one on the left. I've also roughed up a current plan, and when I say rough it's reeeeally rough.

Do any of you gurus/drafting hobbyists have any more super-happy-funslide floor plan ideas that we could use in this space? Would looove to hear your thoughts. Our next step is to contract a draftsperson, get the plans drawn up and then get building quotes.

Here is what it currently looks like. Please note the appalling lack of storage/cupboard/linen space and the shoe box sized second bedroom....

We're heading towards the one on the left. It just feels more finished off. We already have two living areas so this third "family" room could be used in a number of ways. I'm picturing little girls' slumber parties already... Due west is down the left hand side of the house:

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