Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What the doctor ordered today

He: Hey Lolly... are you going to juggle an ice cube, a tiger and a chainsaw?
LGBB: *thinking a moment* ...Noh!
He: Ok. *pause* Hey Lolly... are you going to wear flippers when we go down the street?
LGBB: *thinking again* No.
He: Ok. *pause* Hey Lolly... are you going to cure cancer?
LGBB: *without thinking and very matter-of-fact* Yes.

To test her, I chimed in and asked if the LGBB was going to ride an alligator to the shops. She looked at me, rather disdainfully (I know, I know, they have to put up with me, it's tragic for them sometimes) and shook her head no. My stupid enquiry wasn't even worthy of a verbal reply.

And later, the future scientist was sitting on her My Little Pony trike and answered an imaginary phone call from Kelly (of Hi-5 fame). "Oh hi, Kelly.... hi *pausing as if to listen* Uh... just ridin'."

I'm ready to go in now. See you the other side of 2pm, sometime.

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