Monday, August 25, 2008

The best of me

I'm getting around to updating what happened with us on the weekend. Until then, please.... enjoy this little tid-bit that happened on Saturday (mind you, while our LGBB was not so blissed and rather more bombed, poor little poorly-girl).

To begin, let me pose a simple enough question: What does a parent hope to pass on to their child? A sense of self-worth? Common decency? A sense of humour? Compassion? All of the above?

While distracting herself at her toy cash register, trying to retrieve some coinage in the drawer, the LGBB was overheard to mutter absent-mindedly to herself, "Where is that Charlie Chan?" *

Adda-grrl. It's so lovely when a parent sees themselves reflected in their child. For me, it's retention of the utterly useless but always amusing movie lines that let me know the force of my genes is strong in this one, Luke.

*dreamy sigh* I picture the three of us in years to come, carrying out entire days of conversation using only movie lines. Just like her father and I used to do before she came along.

* Something we say when either a moment is awkard (a la the Chinese restaurant scene where Bill Heslop's bit on the side comes over to the table and flirts in front of Muriel's poor mum) or when we literally cannot find something.

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