Sunday, August 31, 2008


And after approximately 14 months, I've finally pulled my finger out and written my new website.

I'm so pleased with the way it's turned out, it has been a monkey on my damn back, constantly drumming its fingers and looking at me pointedly. Kind of like what Pepper does when she wants in after she's finished her tea at night.

It's taken me a while to grasp CSS properly, I learned it just after I'd had the LGBB and all I remember is, I've GOT to concentrate on this. I need to learn this language of code if it fries every brain cell in my head. And it worked, I can pretty much write an entire site these days without using a design program.

However.... it takes so much concentration for me, because I'm self-taught, and the ways of Web 2.0 are so different now to when I first began with web design that I just cannot fathom the thought of constantly keeping up. Add to this the fact that I have a littl'un running around, or to run after, that my time to concentrate is so limited. I don't have the head space or the passion to do it anymore. Besides, I'm a bit of a dinosaur in terms of web design, I guess, but hey I reckon I did an orright job of my new site.

My real love is in creating, designing, making things look pretty. Which reminds me to show off something I've recently completed - that's for next time. For me, near enough is NEVER good enough. And I am the type who prefers not to even enter in the race if there's a chance I may not win it, or at least (these days I've dropped my standards on myself) come in the top three. Sooo.... it's probably best I back away slowly from web design and just focus on what I love.

Not to mention, I still have some serious book writin' to get on with too! And this finalising of the business website is just another path cleared for me to concentrate even more on the book. Huzzah!

Here 'tis! Whaddaya reckon? Is that little Refresh Picture button in the top right corner of the home page as addictive for you as it is for me? It's like spinning a roulette wheel.... Just when you think you've seen every image, a new one slips in (there are at least 14 I can remember putting up, you just have to be patient for them to cycle through because it's randomly generated). I still have to update the other page headers to do the same thing, but that's probably actually never going to happen even though the button's there, all ready and waiting for me to fire off the commands to make it happen *sigh* Piss off, monkey (ooh, and can you find any broken links anywhere?)

Last thing to do is to update Ella's Pages, but that's another rather big ongoing job currently in the pipeline. It's a blog format now and is far more dynamic and hopefully will act as a place for people to connect. Don't want to say too much more but, yeah, I have hopes it'll be good for whoever visits (seeing as she gets a fair few frequent visitors around the world).

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