Saturday, August 30, 2008

Favourite of the moment

I recently wrote of the words the LGBB was getting almost right.

There's just one more that I feel compelled to share. It is by far my favourite of the moment, just because of its sheer irrelevance to the actual description of what she's trying to name.

I first noticed it a few weeks ago. Tried to give her the correct pronunciation by repeating it. Then promptly forgot she'd said it. That was, until the other day, when Steve and I thought a slow walk in the open air would do us all some good, not least of all our poorly girl.

So we walked up the street, past the shops, pointing out little things to her. She was less than amused. All of a sudden, rounding a corner, there it was. The thing that caused the LGBB to point and exclaim, withered but excited, "Cray boots!"

Can you guess what it was? A fish monger perhaps? Someone wearing boots at all? A person?

No. It was her play group.

Did I tell you how much I love her mis-said words?

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