Tuesday, July 29, 2008


There are a growing number of words too delectably mispronounced by the LGBB for me not to share here.

The LGBB is partial to a character who is green all over, yellow spots and loves eating roses (though she doesn't watch the show, this particular character is still pointed out excitedly) - yes, that's right. Dorory the dinosaur. You know Dorory? From The Wigga-wools?

The other thing Lolly likes to do is point out beautiful fowlers. In the garden. Aren't fowlers ever so pretty? I like camellia fowlers myself.

She also likes to eat skips. "You want a biscuit?" I will subtlely try and correct. "Yes," she'll say. "Biskip...s." Who am I to deny a girl a skip? Or a biskip?

And (my personal favourite) we have suddenly begun talking a lot about the Australian platyfluss. As in, it's got webbed feet, bill like a bird, lives in the creek platyfluss.

I can't deny, I haven't been discouraging her as much as I probably should. I'll always repeat the word she was trying to say. Sometimes twice. And she repeats them back to me. The way she's always pronounced them. Incorrectly. But thoroughly deliciously.

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