Monday, July 28, 2008

Did you say TWO weeks?

There was a sac. Measuring spot on for dates at 6wks4d.

The heart beat could not be detected (it was a tummy ultrasound) so I'm going back in two weeks. Me. The cast iron, nerves-of-steel woman *guffaw*. Two weeks???

We'll see how long I last. I looked imploringly at my Ob and he looked back steadily at me and said what I knew: any peeks before then might cause more anguish. I am not going to succumb to the temptation for a dildo-cam look. Let whatever happens happen between now and then. Let's just see if I can do it, 'eh?

I shall just have to be the kid before Christmas. Uh, where Christmas Eve is TWO FRIGGEN WEEKS LONG.


Before this gets to be a very dreary on-edge blog, I would like to announce that we are starting to talk reno's again. Ahhhh, that's the spirit. Something to pin our hopes on. We are drafting up some rather good plans, ones that can work around the fact that we may well have a newborn to contend with when they begin (or are finishing) and to ensure minimal disruption, as well as thinking ahead and sensibly about not going into too much debt with big plans all in one go, we're designing it so that we can do it in bits.

Stay tuned for the next instalment of the renovation plans, then - namely, Part 1: The Laundry. Woo hoo, excitement aplenty (if you're a plan fan).

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