Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The scariest cut

I'm talking when there is hair. Too. Much. Hair! The first hair cut. Like, proper, take-lengths-off-the-ends hair cut. Not just the neatening of the fringe cut.

I have been searching for a hairdresser, listening out for good recommendations - none have been forthcoming, or none have come through anyway. The cheapest I've found have been in the $15-19 range and I think that is just ludicrous. Although, there is no price on a safe and happy-fun-slide experience for the LGBB's first time in a salon chair because, damn, she's going to have to get used to them and I would rather her experience be jolly. Not as if she's going to see the dentist. Or orthodontist. Podiatrist. Physiotherapist. Psychiatrist. Or any 'ist that causes fear. We're into 'paths in this house - homoeopath, osteopath.... psychopath, you know, the usual alternative stuff.

Now, I know what you're thinking: and yes, it also crossed my mind fleetingly as the shears hovered above her locks, that it may have been impulsively bold of me and could very well end up in tears and absolute disaster (especially given that her birthday is next weekend and she'll be "on show") but... I went for the cut myself. Last night, just before dinner, at the peak of her squealy-excitement at Daddy coming home earlier than usual (thank you, EASTLINK), I grabbed her little nail scissors and went the chop. What the hell was I thinking?

The result, I have to say, isn't bad for free. Especially, also, that there is the double whammy of the two or maybe even three cowlicks (courtesy of yours truly, who only began to learn how to tame hers in her late teens, and unsuccessfully even then for a a few more years). These cause the hair that begins at the roots in Lolly's fringe on the left side of her head to end up over on the right and vice versa: the right-rooted hair ends up crossed over to the left. Hmmmm. Tricky.

The LGBB was intrigued about being able to look into one mirror, held by Daddy, and see the back of her head in the one behind her. What's this! I have a back?? So I did get a good clear, oh, I'd say 40 seconds to get the lengths off. The ends that were going ratty and had started to say more loudly, "MY MOTHER IS GOING FOR THE CELEBRITY BLONDE HAIRED SON LOOK." And let's just remember, people, they are little boys. And the LGBB has eerily similar hair which has been disturbing me lately.

So, without further ado, here is your average none-too-shabby home cut (courtesy of Tommee Tippee nail scissors):

Compared to before:

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