Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Does anyone get it?

I speak of Ready, Steady, Cook. One of you (or more than one) must surely like it, because it is STILL on. Nobody asked me if I wanted my one tiny window of maaaaaybe, if I'm lucky, catching a glimpse of something on tv to be bloody this.

I don't understand. What use is it? Really. And that guy, that one freaking guy (a floor manager or a camera man or a, I don't know, a gaffer or something) who "WOO-WOO-WOO!!!!"s so bloody annoyingly each time they go to a commercial break or press the audience 'Applause' button. He shits me. And the theme music makes me shudder. Urrrgh.

You'd think I watch it, but I don't. I simply have a vehement dislike for it and have to turn it off if I happen to (rarely these days) have the telly on in the background while I work. Like today. And, oh God, I must go and change the channel. Immediately.

It makes me very cross. Which may just answer some of my questions regarding whether I am unduly stressed, contributing to my current health concerns....

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