Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's over for another year - photos as requested

Our little girl is two tomorrow. Can hardly believe it.

The party today was a hoot. A really nice laid-back time. Just a few little friends of the LGBB's (girlfriends' children) and our family. All people Lolly is really relaxed around, loves and who love her. Nice.

The cake. Sigh. The LGBB's head nearly fell off she was that beside herself when she saw it. It made all the painstaking chopping of red licorice to outline the letters worth it. The cake was a two hour masterpiece that tasted like utter shite, if you ask me (the kids would probably say different and actually, one little poppet came to me in the kitchen with her plate, declaring it a "lovely" tasting cake....awwww! So young to be politely telling white lies). The cake itself was actually lovely (a nice fluffy butter cake) but oh dear God, have you ever tasted purple icing?? Mind you, everything tastes like I have just brushed my teeth right at the moment (hey, a good sign surely, huh??!) and the kids sure woofed it down. Perhaps it was just me after all. In fact, it was such a nice compact little cake that we just gave the four toddlers a teaspoon each and giggled as they hoed in. They had a ball.

The Hi-5 Heads-on-Toothpicks was a last minute brainwave I had at about 11 o'clock last night. Steve asked if he could set fire to them today. I said no. He said, not even Nathan? And I said no again. The LGBB sat and pointed to them all by name, so excited that her dearest friends had turned up to her special party. I swear my heart nearly oozed out of my chest it was that melted. I know. I'm such a sap.

Oh, by the way, I had my hair chopped off to my previously shortest layer on Thursday night. And she put a dark rinse through it too. Now, I love the cut. I am still working on getting used to the colour - find it too harsh - and hope it will settle into something more soft. I think I am finally getting over my "gotta have dark as possible hair for my skin tone" thing. Time to head back towards my natural honey blonde. Dunno. I'm still thinking on that one, probably brought about by the shock of the darkness of the semi she put in this time. But the cut, yeah, the cut ROCKS! My father, however, decided to tell me as he was leaving this afternoon that he had taken lots of photos of me with the LGBB today because (his words) "I know you won't look like this for very long and you look so much like your sister." I asked what that was supposed to mean - like, as in, am I only suitable enough to take a picture of now?! (I knew he hadn't meant this, but I am woman - and hormonal - so I put the fishing line out there) He took the bait and back-pedalled with his answer, which I immediately wished he hadn't done for it was kind of worse to hear.

He virtually all but said he didn't like my hair and literally said he liked me better blonde. Ok, fair point. But gah, for anyone out there who has a male partner with daughter/s, I implore you to just remind him that HE is her self-esteem maker. Not so much Mum. It's Dad who does it. There is something so much more slaying about my father saying the slightest disapproving comment that gets me - I don't need his approval, but I do need to know he approves of my appearance.... is that odd?? Another person could make the same comment and I'd just wave it off with a "whatever, it's not your taste, fair enough" but with him, it's like I've disappointed for straying from my birth-given colouring and it's kind of like I've rejected his genes! Oh now I'm thinking about it all entirely too much.

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