Friday, July 4, 2008

Without further notice???

No NO NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Surely not! Isn't there some other way? (There isn't any way around it, I've asked...)

I am not allowed to drink coffee until given the all-clear.

I have had a persistent heart palpitation since waking on Wednesday morning. Comes in fits and bursts and in the late afternoon to evening, it becomes downright uncomfortable - I feel my heart drop in my chest and if I have a finger over the artery on my neck I can feel it skip the beat then follow it up with a great whooshing echoey beat the next one after that. It's causing breathlessness and compression headaches and neck pain. And er, yes, it's become a tad alarming. Especially when I have to mention my apparently genetic predisposition of "heart trouble" - Grandma, Dad and of course, we cannot discount Ella.

Even when I went to my conservative, dare I say rather anti-establishment, Homeopath and he told me it would be wise for me to get some further tests done, I admit to doing a little bit of a silent poo in my dacks.

So, readers, let's just wait and see. I haven't told my family, it just doesn't seem necessary. Dad would worry; he has what has apparently become a life-long fibrillation, despite numerous procedures to get his ticker working normally again, and he now manages it with some heavy duty drugs. Dad! The fittest mid-60-year-old I know. He can't have coffee anymore either. But he's twice my age.

No. Let's not panic or get ahead of ourselves here......... I have not been handed a life sentence without my beloved nectar of the cacao bean. It's just for the time being, til the tests come back. I have to book for bloods and an ECG to be done. Soon. So they can shrug and say they "dunno" what it was, "but you can go back to drinking now." Yep. That's what they'll say.

I will have to sit on my damn hands in order not to get my shaky mits around my coffee plunger. The lemon tree will be getting a good plucking and I plan to sip hot lemon water.


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