Monday, August 4, 2008

Being creative

I'm currently in the process of updating Ellanor's entire site. It's far more interactive, a blog format. And I'm using WordPress! (sorry, Blogger, but it sort of shits all over you.....)

Loving it so far. It has brought me closer again to the information we have on her site. This time, I hope that the people from around the world who sporadically email me can actually find each other on there as well.

My hope was always to start a forum or blog, or similar, where people could be brought together to chat. The people I come across (or rather, who come across me, via Ella's pages) always sound so relieved to have found a "real live" person with a balanced translocation, or a partner of someone who has one. There's a desperation there sometimes, that they are not alone - or not alone in having this little strange evolutionary glitch in every cell of their body. That alone is huge to come to terms with, but if you are then contributing to failed attempts to conceive a baby... it's something that can bring the strongest person to their knees until they accept and research it further.

I think I love the internet today.

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