Saturday, August 16, 2008

Why I shouldn't blog when I drink Reason #3,158

Ok, here's me on a typical Saturday night. Listing Ebay stuff (read: procrastinating by going through my iTunes list and marvelling at the dust-covered doozies in my play list, choosing the absolutely daggiest random genres I can find).

Now, I want it duly noted that whilst I considered googling this for the answer - quite a simple and very basic question - I thought, why not just let the blogosphere in on just what goes through the mind of a... well, a tragic.

Is Peter Cetera the lead singer of Chicago? I am intrigued. I shan't google for the answer, I want to a) see if anyone knows the answer, b) see if anyone is still reading my drivel these days, and c) is willing to admit it (that they know the answer and that they are reading) by replying to this post.

So there's your challenge. And uh, make it snappy, will ya? Because I am really itching to know now - that "You're My Inspiration" song is just too similarly sounding to the good old Karate Kid II classic that goes "I am a man who will fight fer yer honour..." Actually, just change the words and I do believe it is exactly the same song. So I am guessing the singer is the same. I am admittedly quite relieved that the name of the lead singer from Chicago is not at the front of my memory. But I shall leave it there, lest I offend Chicago's biggest fan who may just ironically be reading.

And while we're just on my daggy play lists, can I just say a very tipsy OH MY GOD I FORGOT IT EXISTED Re: "My mama said" from the one and only ABBA (Waterloo album)? What a great song! (when you're bored, at least) *cough* Have I said too much? AGAIN?

Look! Over there! *bolts*

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