Monday, August 11, 2008

That's a little bit of WEIRD

What a night of entertainment we had last night.

• We caught our first mouse (good old Nutella) and now I am so horridly guilty and sorry that I curse the mouse shit on the couch and in the cupboard under the sink that I have to wash and get rid of. Why? Because honestly, it is the smallest little itty bitty baby mouse you ever saw. I hang my head in shame. And set the trap again tonight in the hopes of catching more (oh don't you worry, I'm afraid cleanliness and hygiene are going to win out over my desire not to harm and take a life or 15)

• I ducked out last night and came home after the LGBB had been put to bed. Assuming Steve would be in the front room watching TV, I was surprised when I approached the porch steps to hear the doorbell ringing already. Sometimes it gets stuck and it's not uncommon for someone to push it and it just keeps ringing and ringing until we answer the door, reach around and unstick the button. I walked along the porch and the door flung open. It was Steve - "Alright! I heard you!" he said and I replied, "I didn't push the doorbell.... how long's it been ringing for?" He said about three rings. And that's when we both just stared at each other and went "Wooooooohhhhh!!!!" He asked if I'd seen anyone or if the security light was already on when I got to the porch. I had to admit, the light had come on slightly earlier as I stepped up to the porch, but there was absolutely no way possible that anyone would be able to not be seen. So that was a little mysterious bit of excitement.

• Lastly, we discovered the maximum heating time limit of our wheat pack. How? By putting it on for an extra minute by complete oversight and causing it to catch fire. I had to guffaw at my husband when I walked in to the kitchen as he was standing at the microwave waiting for it to finish (he was heating it for me and those bloody cold feet I've still got) and he mused that it smelled like popcorn. I looked at the time and stopped the machine straight away, got it out and saw scorch marks appearing all over the fabric before our eyes. It was popping and sizzling.... and place STANK to high heaven for the rest of the night.

So. A night full of surprises. I love when that happens. Makes a night go so fast. Mind you, I didn't get to bed until well after midnight and was wide awake again at 6.30. Just waiting for, y'know.... stuff *sniff* Work, cleaning, scans. The usual.

Toodles til later. I'll update results when I can. If I can. Bear in mind if I need to get my head around anything, I may not be up to being all sharing and caring and dignified this afternoon. Oh God, the sinking feeling.

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