Sunday, August 24, 2008


What day is it today? Oh My God... I can lift my head and open my eyes.

The LGBB has shared with me a horrendous dose of the flu. She has been inconsolable for three days straight and I am desperate for her. Worst part? Since it hit me worse yesterday lunchtime, I have not been able to get to her even to offer my ineffective comfort.

We've had two nights of round the clock 1-2 hourly waking and two days full of screaming, crying, whinging and wailing in between blessed few-minute respites of distractions (in the form of, namely, Hi-5 - although they no longer cut it *I'm scared when Hi-5 can't even help* - and pancake making with Daddy).

Oh dear God, let this pass soon.

More later, when the screen stops scrolling on its own.....

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