Friday, August 27, 2010

Saw like an eagle

The LGBB is in possession of a new book. A brilliant little Scanimation hard page book called "GALLOP!" They are fantastic and this one had become a firm favourite even before the end of the first day Daddy brought it home for her.

On reading it to her tonight, Lolly decided to do the actions for Steve's benefit instead of climbing into bed.

Steve: "Can you.... gallop like a horse?"
The LGBB gleefully gallops animatedly around her clothes-strewn floor.
Steve: "Can you.... run like a dog?"
She runs on the spot, ad-libbing some panting like a dog.
Steve: "Can you.... spring like a cat?"
Some joyous springing, as light as a cat on its delicate paws, ensues.
Steve: "Can you.... swing like a monkey?"
The LGBB does her best Curious George monkey-arms, loping her room, face full of smiles.
Steve: "Can you.... soar like an eagle?"

Lolly plonks on the bed beside her Dad, thinks but a moment, and then makes a sawing motion using her left hand to saw through her right arm.

And he didn't even laugh, so as not to stifle her creativity.  What a bloke.  I'd have been in FITS OF GIGGLES ON THE FLOOR.

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