Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You can't keep a blogging addict (or their dinner) down...

Gastro. Lurgy. Spinning head.


Four kg's lost since Sunday (they'll soon be found, alas, no doubt) and tummy only just beginning to right itself. I feel like I have the Gravitron going on under my shirt.

At some point overnight on Sunday while I was lying on the bathroom floor, freezing, wrapped in a spare doona, aching and teeth chattering, going crazy with a goddamn Hi-5 song on incessant replay in my head (doesn't matter which one, really, because any of them would drive even the hardest to tears after the fourth hour, but for the record it was that bloody "Bang that drum, go BANG BANG BANG, shake that rattle go SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE..." eurghhh *shudder*), I had the presence of mind to reach for the bathroom spray and squirt the insides of the bucket down.

Yes. I haz bucket. Because the toilet was occupied for "other matters". Or matter. Or... well. Hmmm, this is just turning into yet another of those posts where I should have been kinder to my pregnant readers. Sorry.

So at least after that little brainwave (the only brainwave at that time), I only smelled the spray. It didn't stop Nathan, Kelly, Tim, Kathleen and Charli, but it was minty fresh. And that's all that counts.

I spent, in all, about eight hours on the floor because it just wasn't worth the trip back to bed each time. Cripes, I don't remember being that frequently ill since my last child care centre placement back in 1993. There were hallucinations, there was drifting in and out of dazed sleeping. I managed to crawl back to bed at about 8 o'clock Monday morning and couldn't sit upright til the afternoon. The LGBB and Steve got it too, not with nearly so much gusto and none of the hurling, save for Lolly's first and only effort on Friday, and she's just been off colour since - nothing you can put your finger on... in. Sorrrrry! Thank God for her there's been no further vommies.

We're all pretty sore and sorry for ourselves today, though, and by jingoes I am going to lap every minute of this restful toddler up while I've got her in the cosy crook of my elbow on the couch. I don't care that all I want to do is lie down to make the spinning and stinging head stop. I miss her. It's only been a couple of days, but I miss watching her. Isn't that so naff of me.

I'd like to say it was an okay way to start the week. But it really has not been. We're out of the woods but I'm not putting the bucket away just for the time being and if it weren't for pesky clients (why is it that only on days where I am flailing about like a fish out of water that strange/unlikely/unheard of requests from clients come out of the blue???) then I wouldn't even be here.

The screen is moving left to right. Who's doing that? Is it you? I'm leaving.

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