Thursday, May 8, 2008

The need for a good system

WHY do I always think I can attempt to separate dryer items from line items without the need of a basket or two?

I squat at my open front loader (no, that is NOT a euphemism) and begin to sort the wet pile of clothing - dryer items on one bent knee, items for line drying in my fist or vice versa. It's a ridiculous feat to attempt. And it all starts going to shit the minute I lose concentration and start absent-mindedly putting the wrong things on the wrong pile, getting all the stuff not suitable for going in the dryer mixed up with the things that are about to head in there.

Gahhhhd, when will I learn and stop doing it?

It's the exact same trait that makes me attempt to take ev-er-y single bag of shopping, even if the combined weight is about as much as two Gary Colemans, in from the car in one trip. I can do this! And even when a dog tin rips a hole in the side, drops on my shoe and rolls under the car, as if to illustrate the point that I don't need to actually take everything all in one go, d'ya think I admit defeat? Hell, no! I take it all inside still and come back out. For that one tin. Who ruined the perfect car unpack.

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