Friday, May 16, 2008

Fielding offers

Conversation with the LGBB this morning went something like this.

Me: Do you want bread? Or toast?
LGBB: Ummmm...... CHEESE!
Me: No, you can have ... bread ... or toast.
LGBB: *speaking carefully in case I hadn't understood the first time* ... or cheeese!
Me: *stifling horrified but impressed guffaws* Lolly, you can have bread or toast.
LGBB: *not even missing a beat, she adds quickly, in staccato* ..or cheese! *slow grin spreads across her face, her eyes narrow to warm-hearted, cheeky slits*
Me: HEY! No cheese! Bread or toast, which one?
LGBB: *happily, as if the previous exchange hadn't even taken place* Bread!

Faaark me, this kid is going to wear me out before she's five, mostly because of my having to work hard not to turn to putty and just give in with an accompanying round of applause at her quick wit. I'll need the agility of Ali to stay ahead of her *pictures being put through paces wearing a sweat-stained hoodie*

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