Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Wall

I was totally blown away and really pleasantly suprised when Steve suggested something completely left field (for him) the other night.

I'm in the process of making a photo wall of us and of the girls and things we love, basically. I have a special triple photo frame that I have set aside, to place a photo of Ellanor and Lauryn together, with the middle space free to put the word "Sisters". I had been struggling with the ideal design for it and wanted to make it subtle but very personal and, yeah... make a statement. Set the energy for the house for all who enter - this is a family of four who co-exist together here, welcome visitors and guests!

So imagine my delight when my husand combines two of my most important and favourite loves - my girls and the learning I have been seeking (to understand and connect and demystify some of the things that have happened to us) - when he suggested, "What colour is Ella? What colour is Lolly? Like when you think of them, what colours are they?" And I emphatically replied straight away, "Well, Ella's lime and Lolly, I'd say, would be scarlett." Well, why not use one lime and one scarlett line and intertwine them somehow, then, he says. Ok, I say. I will!

Not only was it a fabulous idea to tie in what I was going for, this sort of thing (without him knowing it) really connects me to Steve on a much vaster level than what we are doing and saying in the "here and now". You say potato and I say potarto... that sort of thing goes on all the time. But here, I was offered something special - it was most definitely his way of saying he's with me (even if he often doesn't want to know or understand what I'm experiencing) and not only that, but he wants to sort of subtlely have a reminder placed front and centre in our entrance foyer.

And wouldn't you know, today while I was absent-mindedly laying out and hanging the frames in their positions (the "Sisters" theme included, even though I am yet to print out the perfect representation of the word Sisters that I was going for), I saw it in my mind: a smoke swirl on a black background. That's it! I had hardly begun my search - Photoshop is such an awesome program these days - when I found it. And it could not have been more fitting, given that the two colours were the green and red shades I was aiming for (if not spot on, then as close as I'd ever hope to get). There's a strength in the smoke, a fierceness almost, and a real fluent, flowing, beautiful symmetry to them, intertwining together and yet totally separate, unmerged. Side by side. This is how I see my two girls. And I could not have asked for a more perfect representation of the sisters if I had tried to create it myself.

I'm so excited with how this wall is turning out!

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