Monday, May 12, 2008

Lolly: her first photo exposé

The LGBB's first ever photo was of me. She took this about a month ago. Delight over capturing an image in a little square by pressing a silver button.

Naturally, her next photo was a self-portrait. Here is her first effort at it.

Next, she began to get experimental and arty - purely by accident of course (the camera is as heavy as a brick to little hands). Her use of perspective here is overshadowed only by her accidental ability to make this next shot look like she's done a bit of the old gaussian blur filter in Photoshop trick.

And this one, well, this is just showing off.

But this last one is so far my absolute favourite, for it's just so her (completely accidentally, let's get it on the table here and now - there is no way I am seriously saying my child has deliberately got this shot looking "just so".... it's purely coincidence that the arms and legs of her little play mate are perfect, made even more hysterical because Bunny is so very "ooh err" anyway and that pose she's pulling here, just the way Lolly has plonked and left her, is just classically captured).

Back story: we sit often of a late Autumn afternoon and look out the window to watch the cars, the people, the world go by. This day, Bunny (Come'ee, the LGBB calls her - "come here" for short, we're guessing) was propped atop the window sill already. I had snuck out to grab the camera to capture a few photos of Lolly looking out the window (you can actually hear Bunny - "mmmfgghh" - as she's squished against the glass to look outside, there's a good pal). Inevitably, I was spied with the camera and the incessant "Press button?" requests began.

So, I let her press the button.

"But this time," I told the LGBB, "look through this little window here and then press the button. What do you see?" She lined her eye up, steadied herself, got her little index finger in position, lined up her sight through the view finder again.... and clicked.

I will forever cherish this. Her first go at an actual point-and-shoot photograph:

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