Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Victorians, are you with me?

This would have to be one of the defining tv commercials of any Melbourne kid's youth (if they grew up in the 80's).

If you asked anyone now, over the age of 30 and who grew up in Melbourne, to recite this ad ... they could. They'd at least remember it. He was a household name. But only because of his bloody annoying commercial.

Me? I delighted in dancing around to the piccolo music, reciting it word perfectly. Around my little brother. Who would be purple in the face by the end from screaming "Stop iiiiiiiiiiiit!" This ritual dwindled to the slightly less annoying simple recitation only. Without the dancing. But my older bro would come racing out of his room with the obligatory older brother "KEEP OUT" sign on the door anytime he'd hear the music on the telly. And he'd join me with saying it. Migalo, Migalo, Migalo...

This guy must have had oodles of advertising dosh. The commercial was on every ad break, every channel, every show. You couldn't escape it. I. HAAATED. IT. So I teased my baby brother to make it more fun. Ah, the memories.

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