Sunday, May 18, 2008

Creative thinking caps required

So it's been a while since I last promised an update on the kitchen splashback and I haven't yet delivered. We've been living with a hastily slapped-on single coat of the warm red we're thinking of. It took Steve until last Friday to organise collection of the actual glass sample to bring home and test out.

We've decided. Red it is. But only on the short side (it's about 2-3m long) under the overhead cupboards. The long side, running past the sink and under the window, just would not be able to carry the red glass well. It'd be too dark, I suspect, and the contrast between looking out the window and the darker glass colour around it might cause lots of squinting. And heaven knows my crows feet don't need any more help to become established.

So, only thing left to ponder: does the corner where the two glass colours meet look too weird? We are actually really liking the contrast. There is a new metallic paint (or do they put metallic "bits" into it?? I don't know) and the effect looks awesome; we are planning to use that with white, just to break the harshness of the white.

Don't mind the red paint poking out behind the white glass panel (or indeed, the width of the panel itself) because we were just testing. We're not going a crazy red-white racing stripe number up our kitchen wall or anything.

Oh and see those metal cases there? Yuh. They'd be the FECKING USELESS mousetraps we bought for Stuart Little and his friends. Not one rodent caught yet, but not for lack of trying. But anyway...

Whaddaya reckon? Any thoughts for us newly-inducted renovators?

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