Sunday, May 4, 2008

Colour my world

Next week I'm doing colour ray class #5: Yellow Ray Healing = logic mind

All this has to make sense for you as you live physically in the logical world. YELLOW is the Ray of the logical mind and will help you to bring what you know to be true from your spiritual perceptions into the daily logic of your existence on Earth.

Along the way, this Colour Journey will teach the basic respectful principles of healing. The Colours will care for and nurture you as you travel, and you will never be expected to venture further than you are willing to go.

I am starting to get the hang of just integrating what I am learning (or rather, hearing, because often I will be sitting there with a concept flying way over my head and yet on some really deep unspoken level, I do get it and just can't find the words to explain how or why I get it).

I'm slowly meandering towards my future path. I think I'm actually on the path. But kind of like Dorothy starting at the very beginning of the yellow brick road and winding around those initial tight circles, I know there is a lot of unravelling (or revealing) yet to be done before I am fully on my way. Er... not that I think I'm headed for some Emerald City. My metaphor ends with the yellow brick road thing.

And how funny to me now as I sit here typing, that I chose that actual analogy: Yellow Brick Road. I find it no coincidence.

Each time I try to explain what I do here, on my blog, I sort of do a back pedal. I freak. It just feels like it's too personal. Not to mention kooky. Sometimes I publish an entry and then delete it immediately. I am still testing my public and professional boundaries, I see. But in the privacy and solace of my own home - as messy and unfinished as it is (ooh, which reminds me, I have an update on the splashback colour - to red or not to red) - I really know intrinsically that my intuition is blossoming and I'm well under way now. I always thought I was different. I always knew I had something in me that was, well, not like anything I could fully understand without having it explained, which nobody ever did, of course. Nobody nurtured it in me, although my mother is extremely intuitive (as has been said, though, she is probably a good example of what can happen to a powerful mind that is left to go idle - it sort of implodes if not guided or trained to do 'good') and I have had some awesome conversations with siblings and other members of the family over the years - I think there are quite a few of us who have "the Shinning".

Eventually, if you ignore the signs, it does go away. And mine did. Ella forced it back - coaxed, perhaps, is a gentler word more befitting of her nature - and I am compelled now to continue because it just feels right. This is me. I am going about this growing of awareness more safely than in the past. I am using it as a tool to contribute my particular skills for the betterment of my little part of the world (and the people in it, if they so choose to seek me out).

It all feels like it's coming together anyway, I guess is what I'm admitting. Don't know why I can't shake the humble sense I get of being bestowed a really important job like this. Perhaps it is because of just that: it is so important and so beyond just little ol' me and I often marvel at how I can even dare to hope contribute towards what is so huge. I'm still learning to get comfy in my shoes (even though they are not new) and I'm still practising saying that I do do this - Earth healing, for want of a better generalisation - and I can do it, that I'm getting better at it (and transferring the messages I receive) all the time.

Have never been too flash with the self-praise thang *blush*

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