Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Enter stage left

Behold the new kitchen in its nude glory.

Now, here's where I need a bit of input, people. Steve and I are rather taken with the idea of a deep red (an earthy russet maybe?) glass splashback - to cover all those areas under the overhead cupboards and along the bench under the window as well - and when I suggested this to the visiting in-laws, well the reaction was one of thinly-disguised shock. I commended her silently for not saying a word, not to even utter any grievances about it being too bold a colour or something that was expensive to make such a grand decision on, for if we ever got sick of it we wouldn't be able to change it (easily).

But we've lived with the kitchen for a couple of weeks now and, whilst a very very LOVELY kitchen (it is my dream kitchen, in actual fact, but I am waiting until it is completed to show it off and tell the story in its entirety), it is going to be too bland if we go for a neutral off white. We had that at the last house and it was ace to live with, but the black benchtop could handle the pale splashback colour. This time, we have a really awesome white benchtop and the walls need more contrast.

So. Thoughts? Experience living with a bold colour that you got sick of? We're in agreeance, Steve and I, that it has to be a strong colour and because of the size of the area it will have to cover, it needs to be something we like. So it's not really a matter of unobtrusive or strong colour - it's more the red part..... Are we likely to get sick of red? In terms of the colour healing/energy work I've been doing, green would be an unwise idea. Red is the nurturing one. Blue, well blue wouldn't suit the room. Russet I am yet to do. But perhaps there is a shade in there (between red and russet somewhere) that is ideal.

I'm hoping.

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