Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What is it with this place?

Does nobody need a job anymore? Perhaps all the money trees out back of everyone's homes are all paying off now.

Steve managed to hire the candidate who was second in line to the position he filled with the Raelene. Kind of gives you the feeling he shouldn't have wasted his time with her. But then, this next girl never even showed up!

S: I looked at my watch at ten to nine and thought, I wonder what time she'll get here. Then I looked at my watch at five past nine and thought, hmmmmm, this will be interesting..... And then I looked at my watch at ten past nine. And I said to myself.... she's not coming.

Now, I realise this sounds like my husband is ten years old. But no. He just understands the importance to make it simple for me. Just kidding. He understands a good bit o' comedy is in setting the scene. Granted, his chosen scene is parodying a little kid looking forlornly out the window for the friend who stood them up. And that's kind of mean. That's not funny at all. I never did forgive Belinda Harrison for that. But that's okay. I didn't really like her anyway. I only invited her because Carolyn couldn't come.

But where was I. Oh yes.

What gives with young people today? What are their parents instilling in them? That they should only go for a job that perfectly suits them? If it's slightly too far out of their way to travel, or if they want more (which I always find incredibly amusing, given that most of these kids are just starting out or have been through ten jobs in their first four months in the workforce - no exaggeration in some cases - whatever happened to 'start at the bottom to get your foot in the door, that's the most important thing'?), they simply decide not to stick it out.

So again, Steve has someone new starting today. How's that, 'eh? He's filled this position three times in two weeks. And no, it's not as toilet cleaner or anything like that. It's quite a respectable (if not a little repetitive, I guess is the only down side) pre-press position in a very busy company. I thought beggers couldn't be choosers. There's obviously not enough people out there desperate enough for work.

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