Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In the interests of partial disclosure

I hereby document that I have officially started back at the gym. Oh yays, and what a long time coming was the motivation.

Thankfully, I have it on good authority from the personal trainer who did my new circuit routine that since I've been quite fit in the past (we're not talking marathon quality, but I did do some pretty enormous weights at my peak five years ago, like 250kg leg press and 40kg bench press, so not too shabby), it shouldn't take too long to regain my tone.

It just seems far too far out of reach right now. But this morning, after my third workout (this being the first one under my own steam and not taking it easy getting used to the machines or how Contours works), the familiarity of the ache and tightness in just about every muscle in my body is really rewarding and gives me great motivation to keep going.

Now, this post is titled "partial disclosure" because there is no way on this green earth that I am going to divulge what I weighed in at last night or my measurements. I will be updating on the monthly reductions of these though.

*cough* Is it possible to lose 20cm around your waist in a month? *cough* I don't know what I'm aiming for - except that I just want to fit into everything I already own and then find them swimming on me one magical day - and I have only a vague idea what the figures were last night, as the trainer whisked them away from my sight and I didn't make a point to ask.

All I know for now is, I am a loooooong way from being the girl who didn't jiggle anywhere when she box skipped on the spot (not least of all because my pelvic floor has well and truly gone into holiday mode for the time being). And that was after giving birth the first time.

I shall get back there again. As blog is my witness.

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