Friday, April 11, 2008

Time for bit of constructive feedback ploise...

If you'd be so kind, I would be really grateful to anyone who'd care to comment on this following excerpt of the book (in the next entry, see below).

In particular, I want to ensure I have written this in a way that is respectful to anyone who has experienced and is grappling with losing their loved one. With each new section I go to write now, I have this underlying sense of feeling like it sounds like I had/have a handle on all this. It's really hard and a bit strange to find the right words to convey how I was okay with Ella's death and so TOTALLY, unbelievably NOT OKAY with it at the same time. I am trying to be as thorough with the details as I can - which will undoubtedly have to be edited/pruned back... *aherm* a book can only be so long, after all! - and it's actually rather interesting, going back there to that time and seeing the clarity that was being delivered to me little by little along the way.

In some respects, I guess you could say I kinda feel in some way like I had it .... "easy"??? I know this is not the right word, for it wasn't. But just the privilege of having her guide me so much was, ah, I realise really not the norm for so many people. And I need to ensure that I don't laud it over any reader or look to be claiming, I don't know, that they don't *need* to hurt. I certainly felt like I'd been hit several times over by a freight train, so I did hurt. For a long time. And I really don't want it to appear that I didn't.

Does it? Ah... I forget what I'm even asking. Hmmm. If you'd care to comment or add anything constructive please feel free to do so. If you like you can email me instead at blogger.blogparty2(at), or (as the comments are moderated and don't show immediately until I release them for public viewing) you could always leave a note with your comment that you'd prefer I don't publish your comment.

Thanks so much. I'd really appreciate it! Cheers, big (or whatever the plural for one pair of ears is).

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