Saturday, April 5, 2008

*Fwit-oosh* Yeeee har, happy anniversary

Apparently, the modern gift for the 9th wedding anniversary is leather, the traditional gift being pottery.

Pfft. Pottery?! And leather? A leather what? Whip? I really try to avoid leather.

We've never done the tin, copper, flowers, wood... rock, paper, scissors, whatever... wedding gift thing with each other before. Tonight for some reason, I decided we would be doing it this year (for I was sure I was missing out on diamonds or something sometime soon).

Understandably, I was very perturbed to see we had missed out on the 6th year gift: candy. Even more mortified to see that 10 years was only tin (trad.) or aluminium (modern). What the hell??

As I said, this year we're in the running for:
Traditional Anniversary Gift: Pottery
Modern Anniversary Gift: Leather


So. Steve, the ideas man, asked me what the 3rd year present was. I looked it up and told him it was leather (trad.) or glass/crystal (modern). He then ruled that it was "settled then... six and three is nine, we'll give each other chocolates n' shit.... in something made of glass."

I heart him, the romantic bastard.

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