Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Horrification pt. 24

This is an actual conversation I had with the trainer last night.

(strains of 'Buffalo Stance' coming over stereo)

She: Ohhhh, I love all this old school music.
Me: I know, it's hilarious isn't it? I love it.
*pause while, I assumed, we were both picturing Neneh Cherry in her black leggins dancing in silhouette as was the fash of video clips at the time*
Me: I listened to Banarama today.
She: Oh yeah? Who sang that?
Me: *momentary confusion then look of horror crossing face* Umm... no, the (loosely termed) band. They sang Robert De Niro's waiting? Cruel Summer? Venus? Please Yourself? *getting more desperate* Na na hey hey? LOVE IN THE FIRST DEGREE?? No? Are none of these ringing any bells?!
She: *starting to shake head* Nup. Don't know 'em. Bana... what are they called?
Me: Were. What were they called. Have some respect for Siobhan and Keren and Sara, may their careers rest in peace.

Ok, so I didn't say that last bit. But I just wanted to sob as I realised how young my trainer was.

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