Thursday, April 3, 2008

Eat your heart out, Hallmark

There's a new feature in Mail 3.2 for Macs. Steve proudly showed me on the weekend. There is now a library of stationery you can apply to all your outgoing mail. Some of it's cute, some of it looks brilliant, other stuff is really pox.
So what do I get this morning? An email. From Steve. Entitled "I may be home a little late tonight". Thinking it would be a joke, I opened it. But he was serious. They are interviewing for a new position at the moment and it turns out, he's got an appointment coming after hours tonight.

That's all fine, I'm cool with that and I am glad this time he chose to actually inform me. And it's even better to be delivered this sort of information on thoughtful stationery. Even when it's not technically yours. Made all the more hilarious because of the stationery owner's current passion for cutlery. When you are made a "cuppa teeeeeee?" you are handed a plastic fork. And then a knife. Sometime a cup. But always a plate.

(For the record, this is the LGBB's best "Hmmmmm" face, which she casts usually in my direction when her look is saying "Stop trying so hard, I'll humour you until you give up on the whacky dancing routine, 'kay?" Having done it, complete with slightly raised eyebrow you might notice, since she was a baby, she has all but perfected it now)

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