Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's official: she walked

The LGBB just took THIRTEEN unassisted steps!!!!!!

There was one yesterday.

Two this morning.

And thirteen this evening.

She is 21 months this week.

This just puts to rest months of speculation and conjecture and diagnoses from paediatricians, and physiotherapists, which were opposed to the opinions of the Homoeopath and her Osteopath (that she would simply get up and do it in her own time and that a diagnosed "delay" meant nothing much to them... yet). I didn't realise until tonight just how strained I had become with this niggling doubt and worry in the back of my mind - understandable, I guess, when professional after professional gave me the advice that I didn't want to hear (I've had suggestions of calipers/splints, neurologist appointments, copious invasive blood, urine and EEG tests and any number of suspicions that the cause of her delay is something possibly more sinister and something "not connecting in her brain"... something I shied away from hearing and actually declined to put her through any of the aforementioned procedures, but as the months have worn on I have been so confused as to the best way forward and had really spent more and more time wondering, silently, if she was just going to do it in her own time).

But that's all behind us now, hopefully, because she walked! This is it. Now she just has to practice.

I can't speak. Have come over all emotional *sobbing into hanky*

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